DEFCON Soundtrack + Video | The Highest State Of Readiness

Science has now shed a light on how we can enhance our sensory perception by delivering an energy boost through certain wavelength and colour patterns.
Designed to combat hearing loss, distorted vision, irrational thoughts, increase mental activity, prevention from distraction, increase focus as-well as migraine prevention, our DEFense readiness CONdition or DEFCON movie uses light and sound to trigger Gamma brainwaves you experience in extreme situations, forcing your senses to the limits of cognition.
Our DEFCON movie also aims to increase your tolerance to Gamma brainwaves your body creates naturally during life and death, fight or flight situations by taking your brain from its natural alert and awake state, to one that you would typically associate with panic, fear, and terror.
As the speed of your brainwaves increases you are likely to feel hyper alert, an increase in heart rate as-well as more powerful. Or you may feel like you want to throw up. The effects the movie has on each person is hard to predict.
As the experiment contains flashing imagery throughout, do not attempt it if you suffer from any mental health conditions, migraines, epilepsy, heart problems, or respiratory issues.

The experiment works best with headphones in a dark space.

Once More Into The Fray // MMXIX